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Quinnipiac Bobcats Athletic Alumni List

Complete listing of all student-athletes and coaches who represented Quinnipiac
as a student-athlete, coach and/or administrator.

Updates and Corrections welcome.

athletics@quinnipiac.edu and/or (203) 582-8620

Pabon Ray Men's Baseball 94
Pagano (Brocklesby) Jane Cheerleading 60
Page Jeffrey Men's Golf 80
Page Jeffrey Men's Ice Hockey 80
Page Cheryl Women's Basketball 86
Page Cheryl Women's Softball 86
Pagel Tod Men's Lacrosse 04
Pagliara Rich Men's Golf 95
Pagliaro Michael Men's Basketball 79
Palaia Dennis Men's Ice Hockey 01
Palasits Jennifer Women's Cross Country 93
Palaski Ronald Men's Cross-Country 83
Palladino Tony Men's Baseball 57
Palma John Men's Tennis 97
Palmedo Andy Men's Tennis 74
Palmer Curtis Men's Ice Hockey 47
Palmieri Richard Men's Basketball 79
Palmieri Ed Men's Tennis 85
Palo David Men's Baseball 84
Panasuk Katrina Women's Cross Country 97
Panasuk Katrina Women's Indoor Track 02
Panasuk Katrina Women'sOutdoor Track 02
Pane Louis Men's Baseball 87
Pane Louis Men's Ice Hockey 87
Pane (Shelton) Lisa Women's Softball 82
Paolino Julie Women's Softball 85
Papachristos Katrina Women's Softball 94
Papagelis Nicholas Men's Soccer 72
Pappalardo Vincent Men's Ice Hockey 88
Paquette Ann Women's Lacrosse 04
Paradis Sean Sports Information 98-99
Parker Will Men's Lacrosse 96
Parker Janice Women's Basketball 87
Parks Colleen Women's Basketball 90
Parks Colleen Women's Volleyball 90
Parmelee David Men's Golf 74
Parmelee Allison Women's Softball 97
Parnes Eric Men's Tennis 75
Parness Jennifer Women's Volleyball 87
Partridge Thomas Men's Soccer 86
Pascale (Sonn) Leola Women's Basketball 50
Pasciak Jennifer Women's Volleyball 92
Paster Mark Men's Baseball 96
Patchen Pat Men's Basketball 97
Patlin Mike Men's Ice Hockey 73
Patti Angelica Women's Lacrosse 02
Pauk (Gould) Barbara Women's Basketball 47
Paul Wayne Men's Basketball 59
Paul Cheryl Women's Basketball Coach '86-'87
Pauliukonis Dana Women's Volleyball 94
Paupini William Men's Baseball 65
Pavelchak (Englert) Patricia Women's Tennis 87
Pavese Michelle Women's Softball 97
Pavone John B. Men's Tennis 68
Pawlak Valerie Women's Softball 88
Payne Robert Men's Basketball 78
Payne Tony Men's Basketball 89
Payne William Men's Basketball 89
Payne William Men's Basketball 89
Pearson Ross Men's Golf 70
Peck Tom Men's Ice Hockey 83
Pecknold Rand Men's Ice Hockey Coach '94-Present
Pederson Edward Men's Golf 56
Pederson (Fisher) Barbara Women's Basketball 56
Peirce Allison Women's Basketball 00
Pekar Susan Women's Softball 86
Pelletier Wayne Men's Baseball 93
Pelletier Dermont Men's Cross-Country 78
Pelletier Andrew Men's Lacrosse 04
Peloquin Robert Men's Baseball 74
Pelosi Peter Men's Baseball 75
Peluso Michele Women's Volleyball 96
Pendergast Kevin Men's Ice Hockey 87
Penna James Men's Cross-Country 78
Penna James Men's Cross-Country 78
Pepe Richard A. Men's Tennis 87
Perez Francisco Men's Soccer 85
Perfetto (Chaltas) Mary Women's Basketball 49
Perigard Carrie Women's Softball 93
Perkins Lee Men's Tennis 73
Peronace Mike Student Trainer 98
Perrelli Nicholas Men's Baseball 48
Perry Brian Men's Baseball 89
Perry Scott Men's Baseball 90
Perry Scott Men's Baseball 90
Perry Jones Francine Women's Basketball 85
Persell Rich Men's Basketball 79
Pesticci Joe Men's Golf 87
Peterson Eric Men's Baseball 94
Peterson Toby Men's Baseball 97
Peterson Eric Men's Ice Hockey 94
Peterson Kurtis Men's Ice Hockey 85
Peterson Kristen Pep Band 01
Petri Jessica Women's Softball 03
Petrie Emily Women's Cross Country 90
Petriella Dennis Men's Baseball 71
Petrin Stacey Women's Volleyball 92
Petro Brian Men's Basketball 91
Petro Brian Men's Tennis 91
Petro Sandra Women's Softball 89
Petrowsky Ryan Men's Lacrosse 02
Petrucci Pasquale Men's Baseball 62
Petruciano Ernie Men's Basketball 56
Petrycki Stephanie Women's Tennis 02
Pfaffenbach Debbie Women's Tennis 85
Pfizenmaier Mark Men's Tennis 88
Phaneuf Karen Women's Softball 77
Phelan (Villamizer) Claudia Women's Volleyball 87
Phelps Mildred Women's Basketball 51
Philippi Karl Men's Ice Hockey 76
Philips Eugene Men's Golf 90
Phillip Glenn Men's Basketball 94
Phillips David men's Baseball 82
Phillips Brian Men's Soccer 93
Phillips Laurie Women's Tennis 75
Pia Laurie Evening/Weekend Supervisor 95
Piazza Kimberly Women's Tennis 04
Picasso-Hobin Thomas Men's Soccer 80
Piechowicz Susan Cheerleading 03
Pierce Dan Men's Lacrosse 93
Pierce Wayne Men's Soccer 73
Pierce Jason Men's Tennis 95
Pinel Alyssa Women's Field Hockey 95
Pinto Chris Men's Baseball 97
Pinto Brian Men's Ice Hockey 96
Pinto Roberto Men's Soccer 02
Pionzio John Men's Tennis 85
Pire Walter Men's Basketball 48
Pisk Eric Men's Soccer 89
Pisk David Men's Tennis 89
Pisk (Simora) Kimberly Women's Volleyball 87
Pitonza Maria Women's Basketball 92
Pituzzello Kyla Women's Softball 97
Plank (DiBenedetto) Janet Women's Softball 77
Plante Matt Men's Ice Hockey 02
Pleva Jay Men's Golf 68
Plourde Todd Men's Basketball 94
Plourde Todd Men's Soccer 94
Plungis (O'Hanlon) Heidi Women's Cross Country 85
Poherence David Men's Cross-Country Ass't Coach '96
Polaski Ronald Men's Cross-Country 85
Polastri Joseph E. Men's Basketball  
Polastry Sharon Women's Soccer 98
Polenakis Marina Women's Basketball 89
Poliquin Chad Men's Ice Hockey 01
Pollack Clifford Men's Ice Hockey 78
Pollak Scott Men's Ice Hockey 96
Pollard Peter Men's Cross Country 03
Pollard Peter Men's Outdoor Track 02
Pollard Peter Men's Outdoor Track 03
Polzella Heather Women's Cross Country 99
Pomian Thomas Men's Soccer 66
Popp Janet Women's Cross Country 86
Poppe Matt Men's Cross-Country 92
Porter Suzanne Women's Tennis 77
Porto John Men's Ice Hockey 93
Potter James Men's Basketball 64
Potter Lawrence Men's Cross-Country 83
Potter Robert Men's Ice Hockey 91
Potter James Men's Tennis 62, 64
Potter (Adamczyk) Dorothy Women's Basketball 53
Potter (Pirk) Nancy Cheerleading 62
Poturnicki Robert Men's Baseball 67
Poturnicki Robert Men's Basketball 67
Poulin Karine Women's Basketball 00
Powers Cheryl Women's Basketball 83
Powers Jean Women's Basketball 83
Powers Cheryl Women's Softball 83
Powers Jean Women's Softball 83
Pozzouli Louis Men's Baseball 71
Pranski Michael Men's Cross-Country 74
Pravato Arthur Men's Basketball 89
Preddice Victoria Women's Volleyball 95
Preis John Men's Basketball 77
Preisig Stephen Men's Soccer 03
Preisser Reay Men's Baseball 79
Prentice Brenda Women's Softball 91
Prentice Kelly Women's Softball 77
Prete Tony Men's Basketball 71
Price Timothy Men's Lacrosse Coach '97-01
Primach Lisa Women's Cross Country 91
Primicerio John Men's Basketball 65
Prince Geraldine Cheerleading 79
Proietti Amy Women's Field Hockey Ass't Coach '95-'97
Proietti Amy Women's Lacrosse Ass't Coach '95-'97
Prokop Scott Men's Ice Hockey 88
Pronek Christine Women's Tennis 90
Pronek Christine Women's Volleyball 90
Prota Joe Men's Lacrosse 04
Proto Robert Men's Golf 61
Proto (Zampano) Marie Cheerleading 68
Provencher Rebecca Women's Cross Country 95
Puccio Sal Men's Baseball 02
Puccio Jackie Women's Volleyball 90
Puccio Judith Women's Volleyball 91
Pugliese Dave Men's Golf 86
Puleo Jan Women's Field Hockey 98
Purgatore (Woolley) Donna Women's Softball 80
Pustorino Fred Men's Baseball 79
Pymm Alison Women's Field Hockey 00
Pyrros Paul Men's Soccer 92